ISBN 978-958-5195-26-4

Enjoy excursions through our beautiful Colombia

Autores:Escobar Reyes, Gonzalo
Escobar Cazal, Elizabeth Ann
Velasquez Ardila, Maria Cristina
Colaboradores:Valenzuela Balbuena, Ricardo (Ilustrador)
Escobar Cazal, Elizabeth Ann (Traductor)
Mieles Paris, Luisa Alaberto (Traductor)
Editorial:Universidad De Cundinamarca
Materia:918 - Geografía y viajes en América del Sur
Clasificación Thema::WTD - Consejos prácticos para viajar: general
Público objetivo:General / adultos
Estatus en catálogo:Próxima aparición
Número de edición:1
Formato:Pdf (.pdf)


This product is part of the research project: Development of a methodology to establish tourist routes in the province of Sumapaz. It seeks to complement, through illustrations and relevant texts, the importance of the planning of recreational activities and the prevention of risks and accidents. The authors of the instruction indicate recommendations for hikers, walkers and hikers interested in participating in these activities. Tips: have good physical condition, the use of appropriate clothing, do not forget saving implements, for young people to contain recklessness, respect for private property, be careful with animals, be attentive in places and places of high risk, thunderstorms, garbage control.


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