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Exploring Trade Cooperation between the Pacific Alliance and South Korea
Research Report

Autores:Urrego Sandoval, Carolina
Pacheco Pardo, Ramón
Chenou, Jean-Marie
Leiteritz, Ralf J.
Editorial:Urrego Sandoval, Carolina
Materia:327 - Relaciones internacionales
Clasificación Thema::JPS - Relaciones internacionales
Público objetivo:Profesional / académico
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What are the perspectives of key public and private sector stakeholders regarding the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that the Republic of Korea (ROK) has negotiated and established in recent years with Pacific Alliance (PA) member states? This is the question that led our research project because this relationship remains unexplored despite having gained attention in recent years. Particularly due to the development of
closer ties between the ROK and the Pacific Alliance since 1999. The ROK participates as an observer of the PA, and both parties are negotiating the ROKs possibilities of joining the bloc as an associate member. This new status would facilitate the ROK’s strengthening relations with Mexico and the other members. Consequently, improving the ROK- PA relations will, to a large extent, be contingent on the perspectives and
views of both parties to maximise the benefits of already existing links. This situation highlights the necessity of gaining a better and more in-depth understanding of the views and perspectives of key public and private sector actors, regarding the challenges and opportunities of trade, investment, and cooperation initiatives. Therefore, the Report addresses this gap by conducting original and rigorous research and analysis. It explores the characteristics and evolution of trade, investment, and cooperation initiatives carried out 1) bilaterally between the ROK and PA members Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. 2) Multilaterally between the ROK and the PA as a bloc.


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