ISBN 978-628-95735-3-4

Electricity for beginners

Autor:Patiño Builes, Albeiro
Colaborador:Londoño Patiño, David Esteban (Traductor)
Editorial:XALAMBO S.A.S.
Materia:537 - Electricidad y electrónica
Clasificación Thema::THRX - Destrezas y oficios de la electricidad
Público objetivo:General / adultos
Disponibilidad:Impresión bajo demanda (POD)
Estatus en catálogo:Próxima aparición
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:212
Encuadernación:Tapa blanda o bolsillo


This book is a comprehensive guide that covers the fundamentals of electricity and electronics, providing a basic yet solid understanding for those interested in grasping the essential principles and components in this field.

The content is systematically organized into ten chapters, encompassing a wide range of topics related to the generation and transmission of electrical energy, basic components of electricity, electric circuits, electronic components, digital electronics, magnetism, power electrical systems, control of electrical systems, measurement instruments, and electrical safety.

In each chapter, the author presents a concise and clear introduction to the corresponding topic, followed by detailed explanations of the core subject, accompanied by explanatory graphs that aid in better clarity of the concept. Some sections include the necessary mathematics for specific calculations, and at the end of each chapter, review questionnaires are included to assess the reader's level of comprehension.

The book is characterized by its practical and accessible approach, using simple language and illustrative examples to facilitate the understanding of complex concepts. Diagrams and graphs also assist in visualizing the principles and processes described in the text.

"Electricity for Beginners: From Zero to Master" is a valuable learning tool for both students and professionals aiming to acquire a solid foundation in electricity and electronics. With its comprehensive content and didactic approach, the book becomes an indispensable reference in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.

The author, electrical engineer Albeiro Patiño Builes, is also the author of the widely recognized and accepted books: "Principles of Electricity," "Basic Electronics," and "Operational Amplifiers and Other Special Devices," a series titled "Electricity and Electronics," of which "Electricity for Beginners: From Zero to Hero" becomes an ideal complement.


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