ISBN 978-958-49-5679-8

Joselito and the three little Missionaries

Autor:Márquez Martinez, Sandra Cecilia
Colaboradores:Márquez Martinez, Sandra Cecilia (Traductor)
Hernández Medrano, Mery Laura (Ilustrador)
Editorial:Márquez Martínez, Sandra Cecilia
Materia:27626 - Bibliotecas para niños
Clasificación Thema::YNRM - Infantil y juvenil. Interés general: cristianismo
Público objetivo:Infantil / Juvenil
Colección:Joselito and the three little Missionaries
Disponibilidad:Impresión bajo demanda (POD)
Estatus en catálogo:Próxima aparición
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:90
Encuadernación:Tapa dura o cartoné


Joselito and the Three Little Missionaries is a children’s story about unique beings sent on a mission to planet Earth. They came to help a child named Joselito return home. In this adventure, the missionaries, their friends and Joselito learn to know themselves and each other better. It may seem that dreams are impossible to achieve, but if we have faith and persevere, obstacles will not keep us from our goals, no matter our size or who we are.

"We only see what we want to see. The answer has always been there inside you, waiting to be discovered."

Author: Sandra C. Marquez.
From an early age Sandra liked to write children's books. When her nephew Mizrraim was a child, she invented stories that transported him to new adventures. Her stories have always been based on faith and love, derived from the inspiration that God has given her. This is her first of two books. Her goal is to write a series of seven books, a collection she mentions in her second book, “Joselito and the Three Little Missionaries the Rescue."


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