ISBN 978-958-49-2512-1

The secret lives of whales

Autores:Posada-Swafford, Angela
Mejía González, Maria Clara Elvira
Gómez Pardo, María Victoria
Colaborador:Posada-Swafford, Angela (Traductor)
Editorial:Mejia Gonzalez, Maria Clara Elvira de la Anunciacion
Materia:570 - Ciencias de la vida Biología
Clasificación Thema::PSVM2 - Zoología: mamíferos marinos y de agua dulce
Público objetivo:General
Estatus en catálogo:Próxima aparición
Número de edición:1


Who are the whales? Where do they come from? What do they teach us? One morning we sat down and began to ask ourselves many questions about these magnificent aquatic mammals that amaze us so much. And so, this book got started. But it is a special ebook. You can get closer to their songs and listen to the humpbacks, the blues, the killer whales, the sperm whales, the rights, and also appreciate their wonderful differences. Or you can see and read about researchers discovering and doing science through them. You can go into the different institutes, organizations or laboratories and see how they study and observe these creatures. We invite you to explore and learn about whales, as we have to understand them in order to save and conserve them.


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