ISBN 978-958-58360-3-7

Super ideas
Become a superhero creating super ideas!

Autor:Orozco Naranjo, Alejandro Jose
Colaboradores:Molina Ramirez, Luis Felipe (Traductor)
Salamanca Sanabria, Víctor Andrés (Diseñador)
Editorial:Cámara de Comercio de Manizales por Caldas
Materia:338.7 - Empresas de negocios
Clasificación Thema::KJDD - Innovación disruptiva
Público objetivo:Profesional / académico
Estatus en catálogo:Próxima aparición
Número de edición:1
Formato:Amazon Kindle (.azw)


Super Ideas – Become a superhero generating super ideas!

Has your mind gone blank? Do day-to-day challenges overwhelm you? Can't find different solutions?

Wake up that Super Hero you carry inside and revitalize your powers with 22 characters who, with their abilities and skills, will help you discovering new ways of thinking.

In this book you will find in a practical way, inspirational tools to unleash your innovative potential and facilitate the team creation applying the Super Ideas technique; which serves to inspire you through the powers of our Superheroes to propose innovative initiatives.

The book includes the description of each character, examples of use and more.

Because we all have inside us a Superhero waiting to come to light, and Super Ideas will help you get it.

And you? What super powers do you have?

The use of characters as inspiration catalysts for the generation of ideas is a very effective technique, because it involves obtaining different perspectives and forced relationships to solve challenges and problems in an innovative way. In NeuroCity, Creativity and Innovation Laboratory of the Manizales Chamber of Commerce for Caldas, We have been using superheroes and characters for several years to facilitate creative problem solving sessions and the results have been astonishing.

The superheroes described here serve as inspiration during the ideation stage.

The super ideas technique consists in applying the catalyst questions (CQ) inspired by the powers of superheroes. Inside the super ideas are the catalytic questions (CQ).


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