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Automated composition of Convergent Services
Theory and practice

Autor:Ordóñez, José Armando
Editorial:Universidad del Cauca
Materia:384 - Comunicaciones Telecomunicación
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The convergent composition by its part is an emerging concept that encompasses the merging of functionalities from Telecom industry with the services from the Internet (commonly called Web Services). This type of composition must face the challenge of addressing the gaps between two heterogeneous worlds with different principles, technologies and architectures.
Previous research has been conducted on automated service composition; most of the previous works come from the academia and show promising results in the automation of services in the web (web services). However, little has been said about automated telecom services, partly because this is an emerging field and also because implementation and execution of Telecom services has been treated as an industry problem instead of an academic issue.
In this vein, this book is focused in the problem of automating the convergent composition considering the all particular features of telecom environments. The main objective of this book is to define the components and mechanisms needed for automated composition and execution of convergent services focusing the process in the user. These experiences will offer to the reader a set of guidelines and a road map for the implementation of automated mechanisms in different phases of the services composition in the Telecom world.


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